Subluxation Awareness

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Nathal Deals 2014 Subluxation Proclamation

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Subluxations represent the largest mostly unknown threat to the health and well-being of the public. It is the responsibility of the chiropractic profession to education the public about the consequences subluxations represent to their quality of life. The Subluxation Awareness program is an ongoing effort designed to bring enlightenment about this issue to a public that desperately needs this message. September is chosen as Subluxation Awareness Month to commemorate the first chiropractic adjustment given to specifically correct a subluxation on September 18, 1895.

Subluxation Awareness is a nonprofit foundation that organizes events designed to educate the public about subluxations. Doctors, organizations, corporations and private individuals can participate in these programs which will consist of public education about the health consequences of vertebral subluxation. September of each year will be the main culmination of the Subluxation Awareness events.

Chiropractic organizations can become sponsors and supporters of the program by a vote of their leadership. Participating organizations can contribute in the form of an official endorsement as well as press releases to their memberships recommending participation in the event. Organizations can also help coordinate local events in their regions.

Corporations can become sponsors and supporters of the program in several ways and at several levels. Funding can be at various levels such as supporter, silver, gold, platinum. Corporate sponsors can also participate by creation of approved materials for inclusion into the kits that doctors are to purchase. Corporate sponsors are recognized on a website and allowed to use logos.


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